Yellow red green blue digital flower mesh

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Yellow red green blue digital flower mesh.

Abstract chaotic background.

Another 3D image I made without a primary goal in my mind. This time I started with a UV Sphere and…. I stopped there.
This colorful picture is just a sphere containing 32 Segments and 16 Rings. Worked on this image for ages as I, as usual, wasn’t satisfied with the material and forms. After adding a red, blue and green lamp and making the material yellow diffuse and glossy I got somewhere.

yellow red green blue digital flower meshLink to image at my stock site

You can give this image a more original title as soon as soon as hangs on a wall at your home. Would also look great at your office:


This is how this image could look like on your wall.

Yellow red green blue digital flower mesh - Art Prints

Digital glass flower

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Digital glass flower.

3D images of abstract digital glass flowers.

Had lot’s of pleasure in creating these images. The fun I have when making something in 3D is that sometimes I just start with a cube without knowing what I am making. I often just have a vague idea in my head or maybe just colors and start with the cube and push and pull the vertices.

With these flowers I did the same, the green leaves are actually just a cube. Bending, stretching, pulling, pushing. Then I started to assign materials, in this case green, red and yellow. I used a diffuse material mixed with glass transparent material. All of a sudden I had a leaf. Now I continued for a clear goal in my mind. The stem of  the flower is a spiral with a red tube as lifeline in the stem spiral.

It has become a pretty high dense vertices count images so the rendering time was pretty long, I believe 2 hours per image.

glass abstract flowerAbstract glass flower


Digital glass flower

Both images are available as digital download on my stock site but also on “Fine Art America”:
Abstract Glass Flower - Sell Art Online
Digital Glass Flower - Sell Art Online

Just because it can…..

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Just because it can…..

After years of uploading my images to stock agencies I grabbed the opportunity to start my own stock site.

In 2010 I was utterly fed up with the way I felt treated by those agencies.
I contributed to a couple of agencies and later on I decided that it may be better to be an exclusive at a big stock company.  I am not naming which one as that is not my style. All went very nice until roughly 2010 when the management decided that the contributors weren’t important any more and didn’t fit in the core-business they were running, or something like that. They decided to lower the fees for us, came up with difficult schemes and payment plans, Royalty Rates, redeemed credits, etc, etc.
They also decided to make the site really slow, give bad search results, etc, etc.
That made me loose my motivation so much that I completely stopped contributing in 2010.

Just a couple of weeks ago I read on a site of a fellow contributor, who seemed pretty fed up with the same agency, about Symbiostock. Those couple of lines brought me back to stock, but then as a member of the Symbiostock Network. Within a day I started building this site and 3 weeks ago I started to upload my images to my own Stock agency :-) It may take a long time before I get the same results but now I have it all in my own hands and am not led by the mood of a stock agency. That is such a good feeling!

So happy with the results so far but this is only a start of more to come. I am slowly, but steady, uploading my images, have so much on my hard disk. Later on I am going to upload 3D models I made with Blender.

Goto my new site: Jan Brons Stock Images.
Why? Gewoon, omdat het kan! Just because it can!

Just because it can

North Sea Jazz 2013

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Went to the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam yesterday.

I managed to make some images even though it was a struggle with bad light conditions and big crowds dodging my camera all the time. We had a great time but do regret I didn't make more photos.

Kurt Rosenwinkel New Quartet
Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite

NSJ_2013_1 NSJ_2013_2 NSJ_2013_3 NSJ_2013_4 NSJ_2013_5 NSJ_2013_6 NSJ_2013_7 NSJ_2013_9NSJ_2013_8

Bloemicus Glasicus

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Fed up with watering your flowers?

Buy the Florem Glasicus. Still in development but I have high hopes this flower is going to be easy handling, low maintenance and no watering needed. Only every now and then a little dusting.

Made with Blender and just for fun.

Images also posted on google+

FloremGlasicus FloremGlasicusFront FloremGlasicusSide

Rigid Body Tools

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Started this as a small thing to see if I could make a dice in Blender 3D but ended in a nation wide add campaign.  Just joking.

Trying to figure out how "Rigid Body Tools" and animation works.

Made this just for fun for Tienstra Nautische Opleidingen


Update Knokkels

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Heb weer een aantal dingen aangepast. Nog steeds “Work in progress”.
Klik op de foto’s voor groter scherper versies.

Heb de opbouw een likje verf gegeven met onder andere teksten. Rubberen stootranden gemaakt en opgehangen. Nederlandse vlag gehesen en radar geplaatst.
Antenne’s geplaatst, dit is provisorisch aangezien ik niet precies weet hoe alle mastjes en antennes eruit zien . Moet dit nog via foto’s uitzoeken. Boordlichten geplaatst, ze zien er ingezoomd ook goed uit. Moet er aan denken om dit nog te laten zien.

Volgens mij heeft Damen Shipyards de Knokkels sneller gebouwd dan ik en 3D.

Moet nog zoveel doen….